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Secondary Resource - Maths (Paper City) - No Limits Hub | Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Come play with paper in your maths class as we celebrate Paper City, ten days of colour and the freedom to play.

Part of Look Up, from 30 Jun until 9 Jul, spaces in and around the Fruit Market will be transformed by this event, where leading artists and designers have been invited to play with the most fundamental creative material – paper.

We’re inviting you to play with paper in your maths class, creating triangles, kites and a rhombus, before answering a series of maths problems about paper.

These resources have been designed for KS3 students (but could also be used by KS2) and can be used either as a series of maths lessons or as a full morning’s activity. All you need is coloured paper.

– Paper City Secondary Rescource